About the candle

Imagine yourself under a tree, holding your book. The sun is shining, some of its rayes are passing through the tree branches. They are covered with freshly grown leaves and colorful flowers. Take a deep breath, do you smell that woodsy floral scent? That's exactly what this candle is capturing! 
Lilac and lavender: Two amazing scents to capture the essence of spring and bring it to your indoors.


Poured by hand using eco-friendly ingredients. Each candle is made with love and respect to the environment. 

Burn time

  • 8 fl oz: 50 + hours
  • 4 fl oz: 25 + hours 


  • Heat resistant glass container with lid.

Coconut soy wax is renewable, biodegradable, and vegan. All our containers are recyclable and reusable.

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