4 amazing tv shows and their candle pairing

by Safaa C

Since summer is here and the days are long, we have plenty of time to enjoy the outdoors and to Netflix & chill back home

Nothing beats a good tv show at the end of those busy days, specially if you light the right candle to take your watching sessions to the next level.

For this hot season, here is a list of 4 great tv shows and the right candle to pair with each one. 

1. The kominsky Method:

This one of those show that are really good but gone totally unnoticed on Netflix, the acting is incredible, definitely what you’d expect from Michael Douglas and Alan Arkin. the first season came out on 2018, the second on 2019 and the third one has been released this year. It’s an outstanding comedy about life, its tragedy and sadness but also its beauty and brightness. 

All three season are available on Netflix.

The recommended candle to pair with this tv show is Exciting thriller, the combination of coffee, sandalwood and amber would definitely get you excited and looking forward to each episode.  

2. The Underground Railroad:

The Underground Railroad is a pretty heavy dark work of fiction with some historical context. it’s an adaptation of the well known and respected Colson Whitehead novel. It’s stunning, dark and very disturbing. The talented Barry Jenkins gracefully delivered a unique depiction of the experience of slavery. 

Beautifully shot but still extremely dark and horrifying, this tv show has several disturbing scenes but it’s an important topic that needs to be seen and discussed by many more people. 

Barry Jenkins offered us a fantastic tv show with amazing acting, writing and cinematography delivered in 10 episodes available on prime. 

This tv show can be paired with two candles, for a slightly sweet natural scent to help you take some hard scened, wild western is your candle. For more immersion in darkness and human cruelty, classic crime is your perfect companion.  

3. Ragnarok: 

If you are a fan of ancient mythologies, this is your tv show. It’s a well executed combination of norse mythology with modern age problems such as climate change. The fact that it’s not coming from Hollywood and shot in a small Norwegian town with beautiful scenery makes it refreshing and interesting to watch. Viewers will enjoy a new look into the origin of norse mythology and the ancient religion of Scandinavia. 

Keep in mind that the antagonist is a teenager, definitely not a typical Hollywood teen figure we are used to watch, which makes it real and relatable! 

Nature is at the centre of this tv show, cabin in the woods is the number one candle to pair with this Norwegian production ( I am cheating here, cabin in the woods is a bookish candle, but I can’t ignore how it perfectly matches this show’s ambiance). If you are not a fan of woodsy scents, epic adventure is a great pairing candle with its wild natural scent. 

4. Castlevania:

You can’t ignore this tv show, if you are into anime! This great video game adaptation is a dark medieval fantasy following three antagonists trying to save eastern Europe from extinction at the hand of Dracula. The charismatic Vlad is extremely enraged at all humans and wishes to exterminate them in the most cruel way. Featuring some of the best animation in the industry and focusing in character developments are what make this tv show uniquely special. 

Since we are in the medieval time, blood and fear are all over the place. The top recommended candle is gloomy horror, I can’t help but smell Dracula’s castle through this special candle, a combination of leather, cinnamon, wild orange and sage.  

If you watched any of those tv shows, tell us what you think! Also, if you have any tv show recommendation, don't hesitate to share it with us.

Happy summer watching!